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New at Blue Mountain: the High Ropes

You can walk the wires high off the ground. Climb the ladder to the wires, walk across and try to jump to a trapeze bar. Or climb the tall pole to the wires. You are safely hooked into a climbing harness while you climb, wire walk and jump. The harness is attached to, and constantly monitored by Blue Mountain's owner, for one-on-one attention to your complete safety. Call us for more information or bookings.

Individuals and groups using the Blue Mountain facilities will be required to complete this release form.

Please note: Blue Mountain is privately owned.
Reservations/booking are required for all activities.
Use of the property is by permission only. Trespassers will be told to leave.

At Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Centre, we specialize in taking the stress out of life! Whether you're planning a trip for your family, school, or company, it's our goal to make sure your stay with us is as exciting or as relaxing as you want it to be.

We specialize in developing programs that fit your needs, from recreational for schools or family reunions, to professional development for corporations. Our highly-trained guides and facilitators are here to ensure you make the most of your stay with us.

Our modern facilities are designed to comfortably accommodate any size of group:
  • Family vacations
  • School programs
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate functions and training

To view local environmental conditions at Blue Mountain Adventure Center, click here. Very handy for star gazing! The level of light-pollution at Blue Mountain is near-negligible! Barring weather-related obstructions your view of the stars from our location is simply phenominal. Chart displays conditions for the next 48+ hours.

Winter or Summer - there's always adventure!


Year-round, there's so much to do!

Please phone ahead to confirm availability and conditions.

  • New Zip Lines are coming
  • Huge Paintball Facility
  • Wall Climbing
  • Nature Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Private On-Site Lake
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Tubing
  • Ice Skating
  ...and much more!
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